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PrepExpert SAT/ACT Assistance

Parents and students,
Here is a great opportunity to raise your student's SAT/ACT score! Prep Expert offers an exclusive free online class taught by Shark Tank Entrepreneur and Prep Expert Founder, Dr. Shaan Patel. This free online class covers the top 10 secrets to raise SAT/ACT scores, win scholarships and get into an elite university....or any university!
Hundreds of thousands of parents around the US have already watched this online class with their children -- which you can see by clicking HERE -- and many have reported improved test scores and college admissions success.
We believe that you and your student will also see tremendous results from attending this free webinar.
We encourage you and your student to take advantage of this free opportunity! While this particular webinar/class is a free service there may be an opportunity during your viewing to purchase additional services from Prep Expert. If you decide to do that there will be directions as how to go about purchasing additional classes. Please know that the school does not receive any funds from purchased products.  
Be sure to click on the link above and register for this free webinar.  Prep Expert will show this webinar three days a week beginning at 3:00 PM our time. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or come by for a visit!